Hello world!

Hi everyone!

My name is Magnus Runesson and I am super excited about the TinyArcade. :)

I’m a long time C/C#/assembler programmer with a few games to my resume. Last big game I worked on is Angry Birds 2 for mobile devices.

And now I’m looking to learn something new, the TinyArcade platform. :) I am also new to Arduino so it is a bit of an uphill struggle, but it is very exciting writing games for such limited devices.

There are many thins I haven’t figured out yet since I’m new to Arduino and doesn’t actually have a TinyArcade kit to try my things on yet, so at the moment it is mostly trying to wrap my head around the limitations of the hardware. So that is what my first few blog posts will be about.

I have a GitHub repository for the work I’m doing. It is at https://github.com/MagnusRunesson/TAGE if you’re interested.

Until  next time!


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